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Ailsa and the Shruti

By Huckleberry Films, Aug 2 2012 07:00AM

We're creating a new piece of work for the Found:ed festival in Blackburn....

We’ve been doing the first section of filming for the Found:ed project today, with local musician Ailsa Nicholson. She was someone we’ve been wanting to work with for a while after hearing her perform at the Artist’s Hangout in Foulridge earlier this year – and when we were brainstorming ideas for this project, she was the first person we both thought of for it.

In addition to being a choral teacher, Ailsa writes her own songs and plays a fantastically unusual instrument called a ‘Shruti’. It sounds a bit like an accordion, and looks like a small suitcase that is opened and closed to create the sound. Ailsas own track ‘Icelandd’ is the one we are using for the film, and the shruti works really well with her gorgeous voice.

After recording the track from different angles… Ailsa also did some shruti playing with no vocals to give us extra options to play with in the edit. She kindly recorded the sound with her equipment, and is doing us a mix of it – which is great as she has a background in sound engineering so will be able to alter levels and tweak bits and ensure she’s happy with it first.

We also recorded some footage with Ailsas daughter Sophie. It was really good fun to film these sections, as Sophie is very playful and happy to be involved. She jumped on a trampoline, chalked drawings on the floor, playhouse and walls (sorry Ailsa)… and made a trail around her landscape with multicoloured wool. We ended up with great footage of her playing, and Sophie ended up covered in chalk and mud… and a big smile on her face.

Thank you Ailsa and Sophie for being such great sports… and to find out more about Ailsas music.. you can find her here:

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