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Corporation Park

By Huckleberry Films, Aug 8 2012 03:00AM

We did our final filming session for the Found:ed film in the Victorian conservatory in Corporation Park. The glass house is a place I’d only seen from the outside before, pressing my nose up to the windows years ago as a student, to see a whole herd of plants plants pressing back from their side too.

The park warden Emma kindly allowed us to film inside for the morning, and her colleague Graham gave us a tour when we arrived, pointing out the different plants inside. It was hard to know which area to focus on as there were a lot of different really good trees and greenery – so we filmed in a few spots throughout the session. We had an idea of how it would be inside, but it was much more full of life than either Dave or I had expected.

Claire and Cath who are involved with managing th

e project came up during our filming and it was good to catch up with them both – I think it’s the most unusual place we’ve ever been in an impromptu meeting!

This yellow plant is a ‘ginger lily’ or Kahili Lily. It has the most amazing heavy tropical scent, and I think it’s almost impossible to walk past it without stopping for a smell.

The rains came down whilst we were filming, some coming through holes in the glass in different places. We incorporated this into the filming, capturing shots of the dripping water.

Its an beautiful environment in there – and I hope that the bid for funding to repair/renovate the structure is successful to restore it to its former glory.

All the green balanced out the much more urban landscape of Griffin Park from our first days filming, and mean that we head into the edit with a lot of varied footage to work with.

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