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Dr Poole

By Huckleberry Films, Feb 15 2013 01:11PM

As part of the Mid Pennine Arts 'Lost Legends' research project exploring the Pendle Witch story, we returned to St Augustines school to celebrate the project with a buffet, and document a visit by a guest speaker.

The author Dr Robert Poole travelled through the snow from the University of Central Lancashire to discuss his interpretation of the Pendle Witch story, and gave a really engaging and informative talk. He showed clips from a TV dramatisation, and images of paintings by different artist imagining how the people involved would look. There's also been a graphic novel about the story by local designer Paul Barlow, and Dr Poole showed us some images from that.

After listening to Dr Poole the group had pizza and cake together as a celebration and the young people from both schools had a chance to have a catch up. We then worked with some of the young people to create sound effects for the film. We chose words and names relevant to the story and recorded us all whispering/shouting the words out all together, deliberately out of sync. We are planning to layer up the sounds and use them to reinforce/emphasise sections of the film. The next step will be to create a short teaser for the film that we and Mid Pennine Arts can use to promote the project and the screening later in the year.

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