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By Huckleberry Films, Apr 23 2014 04:24PM

At the moment we are working on a project we're really excited about, for the Canal & River Trust. We are making a short educational animated film for young people about the life cycle of a dragonfly.

Concept art
Concept art

Apart from knowing they are beautiful when you see one flying past, I really didn't know much about dragon and damselflies, and so it was really interesting researching their life cycles whilst writing the script for the film.

Once we had a finished script, the next stage was creating the characters. Our film will have 4 characters in it, 3 young people and 1 adult. We recorded the script with the family who are kindly providing the voices for us - Rosie, Jethro, Hazel and Jack.

They were really excited about being animated, and when we arrived had loads of great ideas for the film. Jack and Jethro helped us set the camera kit up, then we got started recording the sound. Everyone did a brilliant job, and gave us plenty of different takes to choose from.

Once we had the sound, Dave spent some time sketching ideas and creating an animatic, a rough moving storyboard that helps him to visualise the whole film. He's now working on the scenes one by one, working on the characters first before designing the backgrounds.

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