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Every Action Has Consequences

By Huckleberry Films, Mar 12 2012 05:26PM

On 5th July 2009 Adam Rogers was punched just once in the face in Blackburn Town Centre whilst he was trying to act as a peacemaker. The punch was so hard it knocked Adam out before he hit the ground. This meant he could not break his fall and fatal damage was done as his head hit the ground.

Adam died a few hours later at the hospital.

Adam's family and friends have set up a charity called 'Every Action Has Consequences' in his memory, and they work hard to educate young people about the devastating effects that a violent action can have.

We've been working with the Rogers family over the last few months to create a DVD that will form part of an educational pack that will be distributed to schools and colleges in the North West.

Adam's father, Dave Rogers
Adam's father, Dave Rogers

In addition to filming Adam's father Dave talking in detail about the events surrounding his son's death; we have interviewed family, friends, and people from the wider community as they talk about the impact that Adam's death has has on them, including police officers, and nurses. We have used this footage to create short films around the issues of consequences of actions, organ donation, and an interview section with 2 policemen. The DVD also includes footage of a drama workshop filmed by/with staff and students at St. Mary's College in Blackburn and two news reports.

Adam's mother, Pat Rogers
Adam's mother, Pat Rogers

One of Adam's brothers, Jamie
One of Adam's brothers, Jamie

The education pack will be officially launched at an event in May, and we are currently working on a 5 minute version of the project to be shown at the event. It's been an incredibly challenging and at the same time very rewarding project to be a part of - and we feel really honoured that the Roger's family chose our company to work with.

For more details about the charity, visit

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