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Giant Spectacular

By Huckleberry Films, Jul 28 2014 09:59AM

APPL organised a trip to see the Giant Spectacular in Liverpool, for the Super Slow Way project. On Saturday a coach collected people from Burnley and Blackburn, then set off to find the giants!

The giants had been sleeping in Newsham Park, and awaoke to find a massive crowd waiting for them. Grandmothers blanket was removed, and she lit up a pipe! After setting the puppets up on their frames, they set off through the park.

After leaving the park, the 3 puppets began to make their way to the city centre - winding through the streets nearby so that lots of people had the chance to see them, wave, and pat the dog. The Girl and Grandmother changed their modes of transport on their journey. Between them they walked, scootered, rode a bus and travelled in a wheelchair.

The crowds really started to build as we got nearer to the city centre, and we left the giants as they went for an afternoon siesta before their evening tour.

It was fantastic to see the Giants, and see how well loved they were by the crowds. Really inspiring day out, looking forward to the next Super Slow Way trip to Stockton next weekend.

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