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Ground Up - New beginnings

By Huckleberry Films, Jun 19 2013 09:48AM

Dave and I are both really excited about being selected to work on the Ground UP documentation project, and looking forward to meeting lots of South West Burnley residents over the next few months.

Our proposal evolved from our initial ideas which were around the idea of creating a scrapbook. After reading the Ground UP blogs, and researching Kelly and Caroline’s practices and plans after they were selected, we spent some time working out the best way for us to document their work, and the whole project. Our new plan is to create a film that mixes live action documentation of the project and workshops, with animation... using animated characters to retell some of the of the stories and memories of people and place. The finished film will celebrate life in South West Burnley.

I arrived on the train into Rose Grove this morning for my first session on the project, and spent about an hour walking around the Stoops Estate on my way to meet Caroline. It was a warm day, with blue skies peeking through the clouds, and the streets were busy with people taking their kids to school, the refuse van emptying bins, and cars setting off to work. As I don't know the area very well, I enjoyed wandering around as a tourist, taking photos on my way.

Caroline and I met in a cafe for a brew and a natter as we've not met before, and I think we could have spent another hour swapping ideas if we'd not had somewhere else to be! After catching up, we went to the craft session at the Fold charity shop, where Cath Ford was running a ceramic painting session. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and the 2 hours flew by as we painted, talked, and laughed. One of the participants Bernadette said she had really enjoyed herself, and described the session as 'the most fun I've had in yonks'.

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