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By Huckleberry Films, Nov 12 2012 11:48AM

The two schools we are working with on the Pendle Witch Project met up today for a joint research trip to Lancaster. We visited the Judges Lodgings first, taking a tour around the different exhibits. There was a mocked up old kitchen, museum of childhood, a witches room full of different representations of witches in the media, and a 'Witches Cottage'.

On the ground floor was an old 'stocks' that we could test out. Steph from Mid Pennine Arts was a brave volunteer, showing us how it was done. It doesn't look very comfortable!

After the tour of the Judges lodgings, it was time for lunch, We sat in the grounds of the castle outside a church in the sunshine - and it was a much more cheery and relaxed experience than it must have been back when the castle was used as a prison.

Lancaster Castle is still used as a working court, so when we had our tour, there were several parts of it we weren't allowed to film or photograph in, but the guide was fantastic and allowed us to film whenever possible.

We found out more about how the Pendle Witch story fitted into the history there, and even got chance to see what it was like to be locked up in the cells!

After the tour we did some interviewing before the young people set off back home.

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