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Landgate Create - Animation

By Huckleberry Films, May 7 2013 06:21PM

Now that we've finished our filming sessions with the Landgate estate community, it's time to take the footage and begin the animation process. We spent some time editing down the sound we'd collected, and deciding which people would remain as live action, and which would become animated characters.

We've been gathering visual material and photographs whilst we've been filming, as the group have been taking part in a variety of creative and craft filled sessions. They have made lots of knitted characters with Artyarn, and made clay models and lino prints with Action Factory. We've taken photos of the knitted characters, and some of them will be being animated in the film.... whilst some of the other wool shapes and lino printed textures will become backgrounds and scenery elements in the finished film.

Some of the characters in the film are the people we interviewed - and for those people Dave has taken his inspiration for their design from the people themselves. The characters will look quite true to life, with the same hair colour for example as the person they are representing. The knitted characters are less true to life, but add a bright splash of colour and a different texture into the mix of the film.

Some of the characters are representing people from the community who have passed away, and for those we have done extra research about the people involved. Using old photographs and listening carefully to the interviews, we've built up their visuals, so we are giving the community a sensitive representation of the people they care about.

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