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By Huckleberry Films, Feb 18 2013 09:46AM

We've just started working with Nicole from Action Factory, on a new project with the community from the Landgate estate. It's the first time we've worked with Nicole, Action Factory or Landgate, and we're been really looking forward to making new links and meeting the community we're working with.

The Landgate estate is in Ashton-in-Makerfield just off the M6. It was only built in the 1950's, but when you hear people talk about it, it feels like it's been there much longer. There's a strong sense of interconnectedness, and that the people really care about their estate.

The community are working together to create a walk through tunnel of memories about the estate that will hopefully go on tour around the area. We're working with them to create a film about Landgate, focusing on memories of people who have had a big influence on the estate. We also attended a very busy community day at the centre, with games, food, knitting, creative writing and even fancy dress to document some of the creative activities taking place there.

Through the course of the day we interviewed several residents about their memories of life and people on Landgate. Some of the memories were quite emotional as the people being talked about had died, and it was an honour to be trusted with peoples memories about people so important to them.

We also asked what they think makes it a special place to live, and it came down to the determination and passion of the people who live there.

'If you could bottle what we've got' one lady told me 'you could make a fortune'.

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