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Lights, Camera, Action!

By Huckleberry Films, Nov 7 2012 11:00AM

We're working on a project exploring the myths and facts around the story of the Pendle Witch Trials with Mid Pennine Arts, led by young people in the Ribble Valley and Pendle, representing the views from opposing sides of Pendle Hill.

Some of the young people from St Augustine’s RC High School wanted to conduct interviews with local people to find out what they knew about the myths and legends around the 'witches'. They were keen to be involved in the filming process too - and we spent the afternoon working with them.

Steve Fairclough worked with the group first to develop their interview skills and devise a list of questions...... then we all set up for filming. There were 10 young people, 2 main video cameras, a Flip camera, and 3 stills cameras! The group took it in turns to be on camera, find interviewees, do sound, the bounce board (to bounce the light), and conduct the interviews. They also had to convince people to be interviewed on camera - not an easy job!

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