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One Planet Community Film - Local Honey

By Huckleberry Films, Dec 5 2011 04:22PM

Plans to film a local honey supplier had to be changed last minute when the weather turned bad and our original interviewee was unavailable. Local beekeepers (or 'apiarists' as they are officially called) Katharine and Mike Stapleford kindly agreed to be involved in the film instead, and with the help of a very large brolly we managed to get the shots we needed.

The weather was damp and wet - and so we didn't want to disturb the bees in the hive, but had fun filming around the hive with Katharine and Mike and they demonstrated how to use a fantastic old 'bee smoker' that is used to calm the bees when neccessary.

We interviewed Katharine about the hobby, and she described how they got into keeping bees. She told us it is really humbling to watch the bees, after realising how much work goes into producing even a small amount of honey,

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