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One Planet Community film - Peter Latham & Nina Carr

By Huckleberry Films, Dec 5 2011 04:53PM

Peter Latham is a local musician, and his CD can often be heard playing in the One Planet shop. We approached Peter to ask him if he would like to be involved in the project, and we were really pleased when he said he was happy to allow his music to be used for the soundtrack. As he is a local artist, and the film is about showing and supporting the talent we have in our area - we thought it would be great to include Peter playing his guitar in the film too.

Peter's partner Nina Carr is a keen local shopper at the One Planet shop, and we interviewed her about her buying habits. She explained that she enjoyed having the opportunity to buy local products, and find out the stories about the people who made them.

For more details about Peter Latham AKA 'Merlin Music' please visit:

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