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St. Leonard's - Padiham

By Huckleberry Films, Oct 11 2012 12:27PM

Calico Homes are supporting St Leonards' primary school in Padiham with an exciting beekeeping project. The young people will get the chance to discover more about the importance of bees and eat the honey. Along the way they will be learning about the environment, using maths to weigh the honey and art to creatively design labels... and even develop business skills by selling some!

The plan is that early next year the school will have a new observation area where the students can safely view the bees more easily without needing to be in full bee keeping gear, and see inside the hives.

The beekeeper Carl and his son showed us the active hive that is already producing honey... and we had a fun afternoon filming at the school for Calico, with other students demonstrating the equipment for us. We even got a chance to try some of the honey created by the bees on site - can't get much more local than that!

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