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Stockton International Riverside Festival

By Huckleberry Films, Aug 5 2014 08:10AM

Super Slow Way organised another 'go and see' trip this weekend, this time heading north up to Stockton-on-Tees. Its not a festival I'd heard of before the trip was organised, but programme looked to be full of a wide variety of different art forms, and we were keen to get there and start exploring.

There wasn't time to see everything - and one of the events I'd really wanted to see was already fully booked for the whole day when we arrived which was a shame - but there was plenty to keep us busy!

'Osadia' turned volunteers into walking pieces of art with their hair transformations, '(i)land' turned part of the high street into a sand dune for performing and playing in, and the amazing 'The Roof' turned a car park into a kind of David Lynch-esque free running computer game, as well as many more shows and performances.

There was a lot of inspiring things to see and do, but our favourite event of the day was 'Te Odiero' by HURyCAN, a dance piece by 2 performers. When we interviewed some of our coachload of attendees at the end of the day, several of them mentioned this piece too, and it's one we'd love to see again.

The finale of the evening was 'Les Tambours de la Muerte', a day of the dead inspired performance. The streets were lined with an eager crowd as twilight turned to darkness, waiting for the massive puppets to parade past them.

We had a fantastic and inspiring day - we're looking forward to seeing what amazing art Super Slow Way will bring to Blackburn, Burnley, Pendle and Hyndburn over the next few years.

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