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Wu Chi-Tsung

By Huckleberry Films, Sep 14 2013 09:17AM

The Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester are currently exhibiting work by Wu Chi-Tsung, a Taiwanese artist. One of the events taking place in conjunction with the exhibition was a 'Cyanotype Masterclass' with Wu Chi-Tsung himself, set up by the Arts Centre and Redeye.

I've worked with Cyanotype techniques before, but it's not a common technique - and so it was exciting to have the opportunity to work with a group of people testing out different ways of creating images.

The day began with an introduction to Wu Chi-Tsung's work by the curator, looking at his Wrinkled Textures series, and Crystal City.

Crystal City
Crystal City

After the tour, Wu Chi-Tsung showed us clips and images of his previous work, whilst talking about them. It was really interesting to learn about the artists childhood, and the influences that had led him creating the work he has done so far.

The practical part of the day then began, and we then all had a go at creating our own piece of work, sensitising the paper and wrinkling it up to create texture. The sun fortunately came out a little bit, which was good as the development time takes much longer on cloudy days.

It was a really enjoyable, informative and inspiring day, thanks to Redeye, the Chinese Arts Centre and Wu Chi-Tsung.

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