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By Huckleberry Films, Mar 6 2012 04:00AM

We had a great afternoon facilitating a community group visit to the Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington. The group was made up primarily of ladies from a local Asian crafts group, who meet at the Accrington Womens Centre. Despite all being local, many of the 23 ladies who came had never visited the Haworth before. Yvonne gave us a tour of the gallery including the world famous Tiffany Glass collection, and were really lucky to have a visit to the roof to look at the views and the stone figures called 'grotesques'.

'Grotesques' on the roof
'Grotesques' on the roof

The group then used the Tiffany glass motifs to create Mehndi/Henna patterns on themselves and other group members. It was great to see how the two artforms came together to create a beautiful reinterpretation of the glass.

Creating Henna designs
Creating Henna designs

We interviewed some of the group about the 'favourite things' that they had seen whilst looking around the gallery. The answers and reasons behind them were really interesting: One lady loved a vase as it reminded her of a favourite dress that she wore when she was younger, another liked an interactive magnetic jigsaw as it made her feel as though she were taking an active part in the creation of art in the room. Everyone had the chance to contribute, either through being interviewed, or writing their favourite things down.

Asian crafts group tutor - Abida
Asian crafts group tutor - Abida

Participant - Kauser
Participant - Kauser

We filmed throughout the afternoon for a short film piece about the visit, and the items chosen as the groups 'favourite things' will be used for the creation of a new printed and online tour of the Haworth Art Gallery.

Further information about the project....

Creativity Works are launching a personal tours campaign across the museums of Pennine Lancashire called 'My favourite treasures'. Included are Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery. Towneley Hall, Rossendale Museum, Clitheroe Castle and the Haworth Art Gallery. The aim of the campaign is to highlight some of the amazing collections that are housed in the region that get overlooked and to encourage people to draw their own conclusions about the collections. We have invited a number of well known local people, artists and designers (such as Wayne Hemingway and Helen Gaskell) to visit the museums and draw up a selection of their favourite items. They have been asked to choose things that they really love for any reason, it could be due to the colour, how it makes them feel, a story they were told as a child etc.

Essentially we are seeking to democratise the process of curating and emphasis that everyone’s opinion is as equally interesting and valid as that of us that work in the museum. The invited guest tours will be made into printed booklets by local design agency Source Creative. The tours will also be available to download from our online site

When the tours go live at Easter time they will be accompanied by online tools to allow those visiting the venues to respond and post photographs of their own favourite collections online for others to enjoy.

By Huckleberry Films, Dec 5 2011 04:53PM

Peter Latham is a local musician, and his CD can often be heard playing in the One Planet shop. We approached Peter to ask him if he would like to be involved in the project, and we were really pleased when he said he was happy to allow his music to be used for the soundtrack. As he is a local artist, and the film is about showing and supporting the talent we have in our area - we thought it would be great to include Peter playing his guitar in the film too.

Peter's partner Nina Carr is a keen local shopper at the One Planet shop, and we interviewed her about her buying habits. She explained that she enjoyed having the opportunity to buy local products, and find out the stories about the people who made them.

For more details about Peter Latham AKA 'Merlin Music' please visit:

By Huckleberry Films, Dec 5 2011 04:22PM

Plans to film a local honey supplier had to be changed last minute when the weather turned bad and our original interviewee was unavailable. Local beekeepers (or 'apiarists' as they are officially called) Katharine and Mike Stapleford kindly agreed to be involved in the film instead, and with the help of a very large brolly we managed to get the shots we needed.

The weather was damp and wet - and so we didn't want to disturb the bees in the hive, but had fun filming around the hive with Katharine and Mike and they demonstrated how to use a fantastic old 'bee smoker' that is used to calm the bees when neccessary.

We interviewed Katharine about the hobby, and she described how they got into keeping bees. She told us it is really humbling to watch the bees, after realising how much work goes into producing even a small amount of honey,

By Huckleberry Films, Dec 5 2011 02:40PM

We were asked to document an exciting event for a local school, when The Most Reverend & Right Honourable Dr. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York visited St. Christophers Hogh School in Accrington to dedicate their new 6th form building.

The Archbishop blessed the new building and chapel - took a tour of the new building, and took part in a question and answer session with a group of students. He describes the St. Christopher's in his blog as 'A great school, with wonderful staff and pupils too – they should be very proud'

To read more about the visit, you can see the Archbishops blog about it here:

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