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By Huckleberry Films, Oct 29 2012 01:00PM

We accompanied Calico Homes for a community day run for Calico tenants at the St. Peters Centre in Burnley. A variety of activities were available as taster sessions, so that the attendees could try a range of different things.

By Huckleberry Films, Aug 21 2012 09:38PM

Today we've been documenting with Calico at a community roadshow, at the Griffin playing field in Burnley. There was a marque full of information stalls, free fresh fruit, and games for the children outside the tent.

Some of the young people from the estate were really interesting in finding out about what we were doing, and in looking through the camera. Several asked us to take their photos and gave me their e-mail addresses so I could send them the photos. It was a real ice breaker, and good to be able to spend time chatting with them.

Calico own and manage around 4,500 homes in Pennine Lancashire. To find out more about them, you can check out their website,

By Huckleberry Films, Aug 15 2012 05:29PM

We've been filming today at the Howard St community garden flower show in Burnley.

We were documenting on behalf of Calico, who own and manage around 4,500 homes in Pennine Lancashire. To find out more about Calico, you can check out their website,

In addition to running an information stall at the event today, Calico also provided funds for the flower show prizes.

The weather was a little windy, but the rain held off for the first half of the day... with people only heading into the community centre for shelter when it got wetter. There were lots of different activities for people to take part in - from henna painting to giant outdoor games - and even a free fruit stall.

It was great to see the people who live there working together to create a lovely space within their community, with support from lots of different organisations.

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