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By Huckleberry Films, Dec 5 2011 04:53PM

Peter Latham is a local musician, and his CD can often be heard playing in the One Planet shop. We approached Peter to ask him if he would like to be involved in the project, and we were really pleased when he said he was happy to allow his music to be used for the soundtrack. As he is a local artist, and the film is about showing and supporting the talent we have in our area - we thought it would be great to include Peter playing his guitar in the film too.

Peter's partner Nina Carr is a keen local shopper at the One Planet shop, and we interviewed her about her buying habits. She explained that she enjoyed having the opportunity to buy local products, and find out the stories about the people who made them.

For more details about Peter Latham AKA 'Merlin Music' please visit:

By Huckleberry Films, Dec 5 2011 04:22PM

Plans to film a local honey supplier had to be changed last minute when the weather turned bad and our original interviewee was unavailable. Local beekeepers (or 'apiarists' as they are officially called) Katharine and Mike Stapleford kindly agreed to be involved in the film instead, and with the help of a very large brolly we managed to get the shots we needed.

The weather was damp and wet - and so we didn't want to disturb the bees in the hive, but had fun filming around the hive with Katharine and Mike and they demonstrated how to use a fantastic old 'bee smoker' that is used to calm the bees when neccessary.

We interviewed Katharine about the hobby, and she described how they got into keeping bees. She told us it is really humbling to watch the bees, after realising how much work goes into producing even a small amount of honey,

By Huckleberry Films, Nov 29 2011 12:33PM

Bob Kitching and his small friendly team make award winning local cheese at Leagram Dairies near Chipping. We visited on a production day, and watched as John and Lee worked their magic to create a batch of cheese. Bob explained the process as it happened, and it was really interesting to see the science behind cheese.

Bob is really passionate about what he does, and is proud of the fact he sources organic milk from local farms. They make lots of different kinds of cheese - including the popular sheeps cheese!

We came home with Christmas Pudding cheese, a delicious blue cheese, and Creamy Lancashire with Fried onions! For more info atbout Leagram Dairies, please visit

By Huckleberry Films, Nov 28 2011 07:34PM

Latvian Evija lives in Accrington and creates soft toys from recycled fabric. She makes bears, mice, frogs and cats for the One Planet shop with her partner Davis in their spare time, sourcing material from old clothes, charity shops and flea markets. They use vintage buttons and decorations to bring each animal to life, and enjoy designing them from scratch.

Each creation is unique, and the staff in the shop tell me they love it when Evija and Davis bring in new toys as they have a lot of fun naming each animal based on its appearance and 'personality'. They are always excited when one gets sold and finds a new home, but a little bit sad to see it go from its temporary One Planet home!

By Huckleberry Films, Nov 26 2011 04:29PM

Sue Tomlinson makes felt embellishments to decorate jute bags, and creates unique hand crafted cards and badges for the One Planet shop. She makes them in her spare time, adding her own style and techniques to each design.

Sue sells her work at craft fayres as well as the One Planet shop, and the demand for her products at this time of year means she is busy sewing and crafting at every opportunity she can get. We watched as a felt cupcake came to life, and filmed Sue sewing colourful sequins onto the design.

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